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HONK! Easy. Fun. Fast.

Tutorial & Review with Board Game Dad

October 4, 2023

“Honk is a family game 2-5 players about collecting geese. It plays with players as young as 5 (according to the box. But I think a 4-year-old could play this.) Collecting geese of the same breed earn more points, but a player can only attract topmost geese in the gaggle – or scattered pile of geese figures. A player will use his or her turn to collect food cards or feed a goose. To take cards, choose any two different type of food. To feed a goose, discard the matching food of a goose on the top of the pile. Take eggs, or points, for the goose and any other matching goose in your gander. As a bonus, take any revealed golden eggs. The player with the most eggs wins!

Honk feels a lot like ticket to ride, but is shorter and more streamlined, making it more accessible for younger kids, yet this is still a game I genuinely enjoy as an adult.”

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