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Coin Chest 4

Coin Chest 4

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150 wooden money tokens in a cool magnetic cardboard chest. A replacement for the cardboard coins in your board games!


Wooden “credit” tokens perfect for sci-fi and cyberpunk tabletop games. We think these are some of the best value-for-money cardboard currency replacements on the market.

Printed both sides with metallic ink, these tactile wooden tokens come in a thematic cardboard lockbox with magnetic closure. Each chest contains 150 tokens in various denominations (see below).

Wood is 100% FSC certified, and all tokens are 4mm thick.

Box Contents:

  • Cardboard “moneybox” box with magnetic closure.
  • 40 x “1” tokens: 10 x 20mm
  • 35 x “5” tokens: 10 x 22mm
  • 25 x “10” tokens: 15 x 25mm
  • 20 x “20” tokens: 15 x 28mm
  • 15 x “50” tokens: 18 x 32mm
  • 15 x “100” tokens: 20 x 35mm

Is “Coin Chest 4” a good fit for you?

  • You love the classic feel of wooden tokens.
  • You think metal coins are too expensive.
  • You love to deluxify your games!