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Coin Chest

Coin Chest

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150 wooden coins in a cool magnetic cardboard chest. A replacement for the cardboard coins in your board games!


Designed for Villagers, but perfect for hundreds of other tabletop games, we think these are the best value for money cardboard currency replacements on the market.

Printed both sides, these tactile wooden tokens come in a cardboard chest with magnetic closure. Each chest contains 150 coins in various denominations (see below).

Box Contents:

  • Cardboard “chest” box with magnetic closure
  • 40 x “1” coins: 16 x 4mm
  • 40 x “2” coins: 20 x 4mm
  • 20 x “5” coins: 20 x 4mm
  • 10 x “10” coins: 24 x 4mm
  • 15 x “20” coins: 24 x 4mm
  • 15 x “50” coins: 28 x 4mm

Unboxing the Coin Chest

Skip to 1:30 for the Coin Chest unboxing.

Is “Coin Chest” a good fit for you?

  • You love wooden tokens.
  • You think metal coins are too expensive.
  • You love to deluxify your games!