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Moon: Valkyrie Expansion

Moon: Valkyrie Expansion

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This expansion for Moon adds the Valkyrie spacecraft, and with it a plethora of new super-technology from Earth. Be first to send a ship back to the home planet and you’ll have your pick of the amazing structures on offer. Also includes optional foil structure cards, and new Expedition and Reputation cards for the base game!

This is an expansion. It requires the Moon base game.


Blast off for Earth in a lunar-made Valkyrie spacecraft and bring back amazing new technology from the home planet!

This expansion for Moon includes a Valkyrie token for each player. Once per era, you can place your Valkyrie on the launch board, taking a bonus as you do – the earlier you launch, the more choices you have. Then, pay the resource cost to obtain a new structure card from the special market. New cards will be available in each era, including such wonders as Beef Trees, Rover Factory, and Wormhole. These are added to your base, giving you even more opportunities for maximising your engine and constructing the most popular city on the Moon!

Includes 18 new Valkyrie structure cards, a Valkyrie launch board, 5 printed wooden Valkyrie spaceship tokens, 3 new Expedition cards and 3 new Reputation cards for the base game, and a full set of foil structure cards to replace the standard cards if you wish!

This expansion is exclusive to Kickstarter and direct customers of Sinister Fish Games. It will not be available in stores, other than those which backed Moon on Kickstarter.

Box Contents:

  • 42 cards (65x100mm)
  • 1 card divider
  • 5 colour printed wooden Valkyrie spacecraft tokens
  • 1 Valkyrie launch board

Is “Moon: Valkyrie Expansion” a good fit for you?

  • You love powerful combinations.
  • You like expansions that easily slot into the base game.
  • You like cute wooden spaceships!


Valkyrie - English Rules