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Removable Sticker Set for Gloomhaven

Removable Sticker Set for Gloomhaven

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Reset, replay, and resell the world’s #1 board game! A replacement sticker set for Gloomhaven (compatible with all editions), featuring pre-cut removable vinyl stickers.


Licensed from Cephalofair Games, this is a removable replacement for the stickers contained in Gloomhaven. It includes all the location, enhancement, and achievement stickers, plus seals for envelopes & boxes, and the lock for the Town Records book. Made from vinyl with a non-transferring adhesive, these stickers can be removed from the board and cards without leaving residue.

Box Contents:

  • 4 pre-cut vinyl sticker sheets.
  • 1 cardboard folder featuring campaign & prosperity trackers.

Removable Sticker Set Review

Board Game Divas take a detailed look at the sticker set.

Is “Removable Sticker Set for Gloomhaven” a good fit for you?

  • You love Gloomhaven.
  • You want to retain the value of the base game.


Printable Gloomhaven campaign tracker (A4)
Printable Gloomhaven campaign tracker (US Letter)


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Great to be able to reset the game back entirely once finished.
MUST HAVE. To be able to reset the game!
Awesome. Now i can rest.