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Villagers: Card Sleeves

Villagers: Card Sleeves

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Over 300 high quality card sleeves for Villagers. Featuring 19 different printed designs to match all the card backs used in the game and all existing expansions.


A pack of custom printed card sleeves for Villagers. Enough sleeves for the Villagers base game, 2018 Kickstarter Expansion, Shifting Seasons expansion, and every promo card, plus a few spares of each design. These are high quality heavy duty 100 micron sleeves.


Box Contents:

  • Over 300 sleeves in 19 designs.
  • Enough for every card printed.
  • High quality 100 micron sleeves.

Is “Villagers: Card Sleeves” a good fit for you?

  • You want to protect your cards.
  • You're bad at shuffling.
  • You regularly spill drinks.