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Villagers: 2018 Kickstarter Expansion Pack

Villagers: 2018 Kickstarter Expansion Pack

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This expansion pack introduces four modular mini-expansions to Villagers, and adds an upgraded first player token. Enhance your game with Saints, Scoundrels, Profiteers, and Developments!


The Kickstarter Expansion Pack adds four modular mini-expansions to Villagers, plus an upgrade to the first player marker from the base game!

Saints are 5 new villagers who help the player in some way.

Scoundrels add a little bit of meanness to the game, with 7 new villagers who employ a variety of underhanded tricks.

Profiteers introduces 6 new villagers and a new scoring mechanism: bronze coins, which score at the end of every round.

Developments brings an entirely new element to the game. Deal out 3 Development cards at the start of the game and compete for control of them and the bonuses they provide. Includes 3 chunky full colour printed wooden tokens.

Box Contents:

  • Rules
  • 3 wooden Development tokens
  • 1 wooden first player token
  • 4 card dividers
  • 34 cards


Behind the Box review Villagers with the Kickstarter Expansion Pack


Rules (English)


Overall rating
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Great addition to base game.
Great expansion. I love it because you don't have to use all of it. Pick one of them, or all four.
Fleshes out the base game with some very nifty cards