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Villagers: 2018 Kickstarter Expansion Pack

Villagers: 2018 Kickstarter Expansion Pack

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This expansion pack introduces four modular mini-expansions to Villagers, and adds an upgraded first player token. Enhance your game with Saints, Scoundrels, Profiteers, and Developments!

This is an expansion. It requires the Villagers base game.


The Kickstarter Expansion Pack adds four modular mini-expansions to Villagers, plus an upgrade to the first player marker from the base game!

Saints are 5 new villagers who help the player in some way.

Scoundrels add a little bit of meanness to the game, with 7 new villagers who employ a variety of underhanded tricks.

Profiteers introduces 6 new villagers and a new scoring mechanism: bronze coins, which score at the end of every round.

Developments brings an entirely new element to the game. Deal out 3 Development cards at the start of the game and compete for control of them and the bonuses they provide. Includes 3 chunky full colour printed wooden tokens.

Box Contents:

  • Rules
  • 3 wooden Development tokens
  • 1 wooden first player token
  • 4 card dividers
  • 34 cards


Behind the Box review Villagers with the Kickstarter Expansion Pack


Rules (English)


Overall rating
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Great addition to base game.
Great expansion. I love it because you don't have to use all of it. Pick one of them, or all four.
Fleshes out the base game with some very nifty cards