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Villagers Playmat

Villagers Playmat

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A swanky neoprene playmat for Villagers.

Includes Villagers Promo Pack 1, and the Villagers Replacement Card Pack.

This item is exclusive to the Sinister Fish Games and is not available from retail stores.


The official Villagers playmat – a 2mm thick neoprene rubber mat measuring 70 x 30cm (27.5 x 12 inches). The mat has full colour print on the top side and rounded corners with stitched edges. The mat organises the central Road area of the game, with space for basic villagers, the reserve deck, and the discard pile.



Box Contents:

  • Includes Villagers Promo Pack 1
  • Includes Villagers Replacement Cards
  • Playmat 70 x 30cm (27.5 x 12 inches)

How to play

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