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Where to buy Moon: Deluxe Edition

October 16, 2023

Moon: Deluxe Edition is not available on general release to stores, but you can buy it direct from us! We offer domestic shipping in the UK and USA, and we can ship to many other destinations, but be warned that shipping prices to the rest of the world can be high.

Alternatively, try one of these friendly game stores, all of whom backed Moon on Kickstarter so might have copies of Moon: Deluxe Edition in stock.


More Than Meeples –

Gameology –

LFG Australia – 

Boardom Games –


Crowd Finder –

Golden Meeple –

Aquila Gaming Gear

Outpost –

Spelonk –


BG Emporium –

Midgard Gaming –

LVLUP Games –

Czech Republic



Philibert –


Meeple On Board –


Board Game Cafe –


Outland –


WarBox –


Regatul Jocurilor –


Alphaspel –


Team Board Game –

United Kingdom

The Gamers’ Emporium –

Tic Tac Tabletop –

Comics Games And Coffee –

Gamers@Hart –

Magic Madhouse –

Zatu –

United States

Tyson Wells Game Store, AZ –

Meeples & Beyond, AZ –

Brookhurst Hobbies, CA –

Geeky Teas & Games, CA –

Gamelandia, CA –

Great Games Library, FL –

Happy Troll Games, FL –

Giga-Bites Tabletop Cafe, GA –

Phoenix Fire Games, ID –

Chicagoland Games, IL –

Fair Game, IL –

Red Racoon Games, IL –

The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe, IL –

Tabletop Game and Hobby, KS –

Out of the Box, MI –

Vault of Midnight, MI –

Splendiferous Games, MI –

Meta-Games Unlimited, MO –

Vortak Games, NH –

The Glass Die, NV –

Milennium Games, NY –

Recess Games, OH –

Versus Board Games, OR –

Boardwalk, SC –

The Printed Meeple, TX –

House Rules, TX –

Tanuki Games, TX –

d20 Tavern, TX –

The Game Steward, VA –

Noble Knight Games, WI –

Boardlandia, WI –